The Lane County Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a 20-year comprehensive plan that guides the management of and investment in Lane County’s transportation system. The current Lane County TSP was adopted in 2004 and identified transportation improvements needed through the year 2020. Lane County is updating its TSP to identify transportation improvements needed through the year 2036.

Wide Shoulders Marcola Rd 2The updated Lane County TSP will provide guidance for planning and managing Lane County’s transportation system in terms of coordination with new development, targeted transportation improvements, fiscal management, and cooperation with local and state agencies on transportation issues. The updated Lane County TSP will address all major transportation facilities (highways, arterial and collector roads) and all transportation modes (air, auto, bike, freight, pedestrian, pipelines, port, rail, and transit).

Updating the Lane County TSP will involve a robust public involvement process and coordination with affected public agencies. The updated Lane County TSP will comply with Oregon’s Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) and will align with the Oregon Highway Plan, and other local and state policies, plans and regulations.

Planning Process

Updating the Lane County TSP will involve reviewing existing plans, policies, and regulations; establishing goals and policies for the transportation system; evaluating existing and future conditions of the transportation system; identifying deficiencies and gaps in the transportation system; and identifying and evaluating transportation improvements to remedy those deficiencies and gaps. Recommended transportation improvements will be included in an updated Lane County TSP that will be presented to the Lane County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners for review and adoption.

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